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Avoid Making Tech Decisions In Crisis Mode

Some law firms are realizing that the hasty, though necessary, decisions made to facilitate remote work should be revisited or undone. Many of the tools implemented in an emergency are insufficient to withstand the increasing cybersecurity threats law firms are facing today. The good news, though, is that it’s not too late to implement the […]

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Bench Report: Will Courts Remain Open If the Government Shuts down? Plus, More News on Nominations.

Lawmakers are looking to avert a government shutdown, but what happens with the federal courts if those efforts fail? Plus, it was a big week for Third Circuit nominations.       Related StoriesBench Report: Why These Judges Are Worried About Confirmation Hearings – EnclosureBench Report: Harvard & Yale Still Dominate as Biden Diversifies the Judiciary + The […]

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Higher Law: Dispensary Applications Flood NY | NJ OK's Attorneys' Marijuana Use and Investments | Dutchie Hires a New General Counsel | A Cannabis Advisor Joins the FDA

New York just accepted hundreds of applications for its first round of adult-use dispensary licenses. But will regulators be able to meet a goal of launching the first recreational sales by the end of the year?         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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'Friday the 13th' Screenwriter Awarded $887K in Attorney Fees After Decadeslong Battle Over Earnings From Film's Success

The U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut granted “Friday the 13th” screenwriter Victor Miller partial attorney fees, totaling more than $886,564, in his long-running fight against the 1980 horror film’s production company, Manny Co., over proceeds from the film.         Click Here To Read The Full Article

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